Spray Nozzles

Open Type Nozzles; Used against flammable liquid hazards and eliminates the risks of conveyors, horizontal dryers and transformers. Water spray protection is very important.

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Spray Nozullar 2
Spray Nozullar 3
Spray Nozullar 4
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Nozzle to be used for protection;

• Accurate Risk Analysis

• Nozzle Placement• Mounting height

• Head or Drain Angle

• Discharge type (Spraying, sieve, etc.)

• Water pressure

• Wind Speed and Direction

It is selected based on variable parameters.

Each system; The discharge characteristics (capacity, spray coverage, spray angle, etc.) required for each nozzle are designed and calculated for the current hazard to be protected. Spray systems can be designed with manual and automatic control.

Usage areas

• Protection of Fuel Tanks

• Oil-filled electrical devices

• Open flammable liquid storage and process equipment

• Cable and Installation Galleries

• Escalators and Excavators

• Horizontal Continuous Dryers

• Transformers and Generators

•Industrial Applications

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