Fire Cabinets


Fire Cabinets According to TS EN 671-1

They are used in buildings where there are no trained personnel such as laying and connecting hoses and hose types up to 30 meters. In special cases, hose lengths can be extended. But filled with water hose types with a maximum length of 30m are recommended as dragging the hose forces untrained personnel and eliminates flexible use. Surface mounted, flush mounted, device compartment foam type, sheet or glass cover models are available.

Yangin Dolabi 1
Yangin Dolabi 2
Yangin Dolabi 3
Yangin Dolabi 4

Fire cabinets in According to TS EN 671-2

It is used in buildings and out-of-building applications (together with Hydrant Systems) where it is problematic to have trained fire extinguishers. "11/2 - 2 and 21/2" hose models are available. In our country, often "2 and 21/2" size
hoses are preferred.


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