Dilatation Compensator


The dilatation compensator can flex in all directions. It can be installed anywhere in the building and piping, where seismic, thermal expansion and building junctions are expected to be relocated.

With its unique feature that can cope with the movements coming from X / Y / Z directions in fire protection systems, Dilatation Compensator provides the perfect solution in critical applications.

Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri için Sismik Koruma

Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri için Sismik Koruma

The dilatation compensator with its compact structure makes the sprinkler system much simpler compared to the systems requiring multiple parts such as coupling fasteners.

In seismic applications, motion such as dilatation points of buildings can be applied to any part expected.
Dilatation Compensator; When mounted vertically or horizontally, it must be correctly supported to allow it to move completely freely.  

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