Water Mist System

High Pressure Water Mist Systems discharge water into micron order by means of special nozzles. Since the surface area of the water droplet becomes maximum, it evaporates rapidly by combining with the ambient temperature. Evaporated water lowers the ambient temperature, replaces the oxygen and lowers the oxygen level and controls fire quickly. Damage rate in conventional water extinguishing systems is significantly reduced as the volume of water is reduced in Water Mist Systems. Maximum efficiency is obtained from the use of water.

Water Mist Sistemi 1
Water Mist Sistemi 2
Water Mist Sistemi 3

Basic Characteristics of High Pressure Water Mist Systems

• Does not harm the environment and ozone layer
• By absorbing the ambient temperature and lowering the oxygen level
extinguishing makes
• Can be used for local extinguishing
• Provides washing and removal of toxic gases and smoke
• Highly reliable for protected equipment
• Reliable in living spaces
• Minimum damage caused by water compared to conventional water systems
• Prevents re-glare
• Provides multiple emptying with selective valves
• Cylinder battery types can be used in small spaces
• Pump models can be used in large spaces
• Requires minimum pipe diameter

Usage areas

• Flammable and Flammable Liquid Fires
• Industrial Cooking Areas
• Living Areas
• Kitchen Hood Systems
• Turbine and Generator Rooms
• Escalators and Excavators
• Cable and Installation Galleries
• Data Processing Centers
• Archives and Historical Monuments
• Valuable Material Warehouses
• Metro and Public Transport
• Sea Public Transportation
• Ship engine rooms and living spaces

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