Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System

There is always a risk of dust fire and explosion in production systems using pneumatic conveying and air filtration. Most of the time, starting with the production machine or the foreign body entering the channel sparks; it is carried along the channel and enters filters, silos or dust collectors, causing fire or explosion. As a result of this, large material losses, long-term stoppages and worst of all can occur.

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The system consists of the following elements.

• Control and Trigger Panel
• Spark Detection Detectors
• Electrically Activated Valve
• Manual valve
• Filter
• Flow Switch
• Nozzles
• Audible / Illuminated Warning Elements

Spark detection and extinguishing system, sparks are detected with special detectors. Thanks to the nozzles mounted to the appropriate distance by the signaling of the detectors to the panel, pulverized water is given to the channel for the specified time and the spark is extinguished without interrupting the line. This prevents losses caused by fire or explosion.

Scope of application

• Wood Based Panel Factories
• Tobacco Factories
• Paper Factories
• Textile Factories
• Feed Factories
• Mills
• Flour Factories
• Furniture Factories
• Pellet / Chips Production Facilities
• Sugar / Coffee / Cocoa etc. processes

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