Smoke Ventilation Covers

Smoke Ventilation Covers

Smoke ventilation systems are used to control the fire and heat generated by the fire in a controlled manner.

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In enterprises equipped with smoke ventilation system;

- Personnel or firefighters entering fire areas work more easily during rescue, cooling or extinguishing.
- At one point, smoke and heat released due to fire are thrown out without spreading to other points. Products, systems, components in the volume will not be damaged or damage will be reduced.
-It prevents the accumulation of heat inside, increase the acceleration of the fire and prevents the products and systems in the volume to reach the ignition temperature.
 -To prevent toxic gases from remaining inside.
-It does not allow the accumulated heat to affect the structural elements of the structure and ensures that the structure is not disturbed.
- Most of the fire-related deaths are caused by smoke poisoning. The rapid release of smoke is reduced to reduce the rate and amount of spread to the environment, thereby reducing the loss of lives.
-The removal of the smoke from the roof allows the heat to be removed. - Especially the steel buildings can be prevented from heavy damage and collapse due to heat.
- Fire insurance premiums are paid less.
-In single-storey buildings, atrium facilities, domed architectures, large shaft and elevator wells without positive pressurization, the accumulation of heat and smoke in the upper elevations with the onset of fire occurs rapidly.
- Installation of smoke relief covers to these points solves the problem relatively.  

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