Passive Fire Stop Systems

Passive Fire Stop Systems

Active fire protection systems are not sufficient for fire protection. Active and passive fire protection systems should be used together to protect a facility or building.

Passive fire stopper materials, as stated in the fire protection regulations in our country, as in the whole world, is a type of material that is required to be used in buildings in order to prevent the effects of fire, to minimize the risks that may occur after fire and to ensure the safety of life.

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Passive fire extinguishing products and systems; It is used for filling gaps in walls and floors, cables, pipes, duct installations and control joints. When applied correctly, passive fire protection will increase fire resistance and contribute to the preservation of structural integrity.

It is used in emergency exits and corridors, giving people extra time for exits in case of fire. It protects the structure against the effects of fire and provides the integrity and continuity necessary for the structure to serve during the fire. Reduces repair and rebuilding costs as it will delay or prevent serious deformation of the structure. Uncontrolled spread of fire,
Reduces the loss of property and life by restricting the movement of flame and smoke. Thus, it protects your investment and loved ones.

Usage areas

• Horizontal and vertical pipe passages
• Horizontal or vertical cable crossings
• Horizontal and Vertical Shafts
• Wall, floor or ceiling openings
• Facade Insulations
• Fire Zone Planning
• Building Insulated Walls Between Partitions
• Emergency Evacuation and Escape Corridors
• Coating of steel or reinforced concrete bearing systems
• Ventilation Channel Crossings and Duct Covering

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