Fire Doors

Fire Doors

They are the doors that will prevent the fire and its effects during the determined period in order to save time for the safe evacuation of people during the fire. It is the most important part of passive fire protection systems.

Fire doors are used to separate the fire zones that may occur according to the fire evacuation plans designed in accordance with the building architecture.

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Fire doors; It is used to protect fire ladders from smoke and flame and to prevent the passage of heat and smoke between fire zones. Ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, the role of life in the control of fire
Besides, it is also important in terms of preventing material losses that may occur.

Fire Doors;

• Single Leaf Door
• Double Leaf Door
• rolling doors

fire resistance according to need 60 - 90 - 120 - 240 min. can be determined as. Fire doors; certified, panic bar, heat-expandable roving, external lock module, auto-closing spring hinge and adjustable hinges
basic features, such as. Standard sizes and special sizes can be produced.

Usage areas

• Shopping malls
• Homes
• Hospitals
• Commercial Areas
• Accommodation Areas
• Cinemas
• Theaters

etc. It is used in all buildings with heavy human traffic.


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