Specific Systems

spesifik sistemler

Developing technology brings innovations in fire protection systems. In order to control or extinguish specific risks, solutions specific to that risk group have been produced and these solutions have been tested and turned into package systems.

Kitchen Hood Extinguishing Systems, Dry Powder Extinguishing Systems, Vehicle or Work Machine Extinguishing Systems, Spark Capture and Extinguishing Systems in Special Processes can be evaluated within this scope.

Within the scope of specific fire protection systems, applications made with fire stop materials, fire doors, fire and smoke curtains and smoke evacuation systems can also be evaluated.
Active and passive extinguishing systems are integrated in industrial plants including our living spaces.
used effectively. Delay, prevent or prevent the spreading of the fire until extinguishing gives the right result in terms of protection.

AKSAY is close to you as a telephone to provide fast and reliable service with its strong engineering knowledge and alternative system options. AKSAY protects your investments with confidence.

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