Room Tightness Test

Room Tightness Test

The success of gas extinguishing systems depends on reaching the required extinguishing concentration in the medium in which they are applied for the desired period of time. This means; the gas tightness of the applied volume shall be such that the tightness shall ensure the minimum required concentration.

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For clean gases, the minimum residence time of the gas in the room after discharge is 10 minutes, as determined by NFPA2001 and ISO14520. Immediately after the gas is released, the fire in the environment may be extinguished, but this time is described so as not to re-burn.

Although this test is carried out for different purposes such as the presence of openings, energy saving and integrity in a volume, it is a necessary test to be carried out before commissioning especially in order to guarantee the success of clean gas extinguishing systems.
If the protected area has been modified, the sealing test should be repeated.


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