Novec 1230 ™ Extinguishing Systems

Novec 1230 ™ Extinguishing Systems

NOVEC 1230 ™ Systems before the widely accepted "Clean Agent" systems. It is an environment-friendly fire extinguishing system. They are used in human environments. The NOVEC 1230 ™ Gas Extinguishing System absorbs heat by extinguishing and performs physical extinguishing.

Novec 1230 Sondurme Sistemleri
Novec 1230 Sondurme Sistemleri 1
Novec 1230 Sondurme Sistemleri 2
Novec 1230 Sondurme Sistemleri 3

Key Features of the NOVEC 1230 ™ System;

-It's not conductive.
- Colorless and odorless
- Not corrosive
- Does not create thermal shock
- Performs extinguishing physically
- Does not leave waste after discharge, does not require cleaning
- Confidence is used in human places
-Simple filling
- Takes up little space
- Does not harm ozone
- Global warming coefficient 1
-Low storage pressure
- Discharge time is 10 seconds
-Simple and on-site installation


-Information Processing and UPS Rooms
-Electric Distribution Centers
-Valued Material Warehouses
-Telecommunication Centers
- Turbine Cabins
-Archives and Museums
-Flammable and Flammable Material Tanks
-Civil and Military Marine Applications
-Rail Systems and Public Transport    

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