Inert Extinguishing Systems

Inert Extinguishing Systems

It is one of the "Clean Agent" systems consisting of a mixture of nitrogen and argon gases which are freely available in the atmosphere. It is chemically neutral, insulating, colorless and odorless. The potential for ozone damage and its effect on global warming is zero. It extinguishes by reducing the oxygen level in the application area below the combustion limits. 200 or 300 bar systems may be preferred.

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Inert Sondurme Sistemleri 55
Inert Sondurme Sistemleri 100
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Basic Features of the System;

-Not Conductive
- Colorless and Odorless
- Not Corrosive
- Does not create thermal shock
- Performs the extinguishing process by reducing the oxygen level
- Does not leave waste after discharge, does not require cleaning
- Can be used safely in human places
- Does not harm ozone
- Does not create global warming
- Excellent visibility in the unloaded area
-Cylinders can be placed away from the risk area
- Discharge time is 60 seconds
-Low refilling cost is low
- Can be found widely
On-site installation

Usage areas
-Information Processing UPS Rooms
-Electric Distribution Centers
-Valued Material Warehouses
-Telecommunication Centers
- Turbine Cabins
-Archives and Museums
-Flammable and Flammable Material Tanks
-Off-shore applications


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