Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

Carbon dioxide, an odorless, colorless and insulating gas at atmospheric pressure, spreads rapidly into the protected area. Its density is heavier than air and is stored in high pressure cylinders or low pressure tanks. Extinguishing process; It accomplishes by pulling the oxygen level below the combustion limits and cooling.

Karbondioksitli Sondurme Sistemleri
Karbondioksitli Sondurme Sistemleri 1
Karbondioksitli Sondurme Sistemleri 2
Karbondioksitli Sondurme Sistemleri 3

Key Features of the System

-Power Extinguisher
-No Leaves
-No Cleaning Problem
-Not Conductive
- Not Corrosive
- Excellent Distribution in Risk Area
-Low Refill Cost
- Can be used for local extinguishing
-Delivery Time 30-120 seconds Selectable

Usage areas
-UPS Rooms
-Traffic and Electricity Distribution Centers
-Valued Material Warehouses
-Telecommunication Centers
- Turbine Cabins
-Archives and Museums
-Flammable and Flammable Material Tanks
-Cable and Installation Galleries
-Off-shore applications 

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