Gas Extinguishing Systems

gazli sondurme sistemleri

Gas Extinguishing Systems

What is the most effective gas you can use in your fire fighting system? Is this gas economical? Can we always find this gas? ? Correct answer;

-The shape of the application
-Application area
-Using purpose
- Distance between gas cylinders and protected area
-Investment cost
- Cost of maintenance
-For re-filling cost
- Local availability

etc. It varies according to the factors. Before the application, the selection criteria should be analyzed correctly and the extinguishing gas appropriate to the requirements of the place where the application will be made should be preferred.

It is a basic requirement that the gas to be used in the place where the application will be made, does not harm the human in case of human presence. FM-200 (HFC-227ea), Novec1230, IG-01 (Argon) and the like. gases can be used in human volumes provided that the system design is done correctly. It is recommended not to use or conditionally use CO2 in human volumes.

Volume protection is essential in gas fire extinguishing systems. For this reason, the net volume of the application area is calculated. The volumes of the structures (columns, beams) fixed to the space are deducted from the space volume. In addition, the suspended ceilings and raised floor volumes are added to the net volume. From this point onwards, preliminary calculations, detail planning and project calculation calculations are made again according to the current situation considering the basic requirements of the extinguishing system to be designed.

The success of gas extinguishing systems depends on reaching the required extinguishing concentration in the space in which they are applied. This means that the sealing of the volume protected by the gas extinguishing system must be such that it maintains at least the required gas concentration in the volume. When this criterion is not met, the system is unlikely to be successful.

Local Protection can be made in gas fire extinguishing systems. CO2 gas is used for this purpose.

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