Why Firemiks Foam Dosing Pumps?

Why Firemiks Foam Dosing Pumps

Why should FIREMIKS be preferred?

FIREMIKS foam pumps 30-40l / min. water is sufficient. Because the designed product consists of 10 fins. This feature is limited to 4 fins in similar products.

Turbine blades are movable. Therefore; FIREMIKS Foam dosing pump makes NFPA11 complete proportioning. Whether the Foam Pump is threaded or reciprocating, it provides uninterrupted proportioning.

Neden Firemiks Kopuk Dozajlama Pompalari
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Neden Firemiks Kopuk Dozajlama Pompalari 3
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The dosing of the Foam Pump is flow-proportional. The operating efficiency is highly efficient and effective in all cases regardless of pressure changes.

It is possible to work with all fire extinguishing chemicals. It is capable of dosing between 1%, 3% or 6%. It can be used in low, medium and high expansion foam extinguishing systems.

By using FIREMIKS foam pumps in parallel, capacity is increased, thus increasing safety and protection.

FIREMIKS foam pumps and equipment are manufactured in accordance with NFPA11, in particular paragraphs 4.5, 4.6, 9.1 and 11.6.4. In addition, NFPA 1901 meets all standards, in particular paragraphs 20.2.7, 20.3-20.9-20.11.

The rotating turbine is at an acceptable silence (90dB). For maintenance gear pumps, it is sufficient to turn the pump by hand at 3-month intervals in stand-by position. This prevents the pump from stuck. Piston pumps need to follow the maintenance procedure.

Simple and clear design.
Efficient and environmentally friendly.
Therefore, FIREMIKS is preferred.  

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