Re-Healing Foam Concentrates

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It does not leave any trace in nature, does not accumulate biological and is environmentally friendly in terms of toxic deterioration.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates represent natural resistance to post-combustion, while providing sustainable long-lasting flammable, toxic or harmful vapor suppression.

RE-HEALING Foam Concentrates; high performance alternative foams such as water-film-forming AFFF foams.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates provide rapid extinguishing of hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates represent a new, innovative and new alternative product range compared to conventional foam concentrates such as AFFF, AR-AFFF, FP and FFFP.

RE-HEALING Foam concentrate has low and high expandable concentrate options.

It closes the surface quickly by making films for hydrocarbon and solvent fires, due to its properties coming from manufacture, it can stick to high temperatures and hot metal surfaces.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates efficiently and well cools the fuel and has high vapor suppression. Due to their good surface coverage, it suppresses fuel vapors and reduces dangerous flammable vapor clouds.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates are suitable for use with fresh and salt water as well as dry chemicals.

The fast flowing foam blanket of RE-HEALING foam concentrates provides better control and quenching than protein-based concentrates. In this case, afterburning is controlled significantly.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates are compatible with your existing foam systems. Contact your SOLBERG distributor or technical service for use on your existing system.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates should not be mixed with foam concentrates of other brands. When applied as a foam solution to fire, RE-HEALING foam concentrates can be mixed with similar foam concentrates from Solberg.

The use of RE-HEALING foam concentrate is not limited to Class B fires. It is also suitable for use in “A” class fires. It is also very effective and successful in extinguishing fires where A and B class flammables may be together.

All RE-HEALING foam concentrate raw materials are stable and water-soluble, without precipitation.

The minimum shelf life is 10 years when stored in the specified temperature range in the original packaging or on the equipment recommended by the manufacturer. If freezing occurs, thawing and agitation make the concentrates reusable. Freezing and subsequent thawing do not cause loss of quality in the product.

RE-HEALING Foam concentrates have been tested and certified to EN 1568 and UL 162 standards.  

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