(HI-EX) Foam Extinguishing Systems

(HI-EX) Foam Extinguishing Systems

Hi - EX (High Expansion Foam System) Foam Extinguishing Systems Turkey general distributor of the last developed by SOLBERG hardware, in terms of installation and maintenance extremely economical and flexible solutions are the systems we face as an alternative to conventional Foam System.r.

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What is HI-EX?

Using special foam concentrate and foam generators, large foam bubbles are obtained by expanding the mixture of water and foam depending on the types of generators on average 1/600 - 1/900
extinguishing system.

Generators used in HI-EX System often do not require external energy. By using the existing pump pressure, it provides expansion of the mixture of water and foam by means of special nozzles to the impact surface.

HI-EX foam extinguishing system generators can supply the air they will use to make foam from the environment as well as from outside. New generation foam generators often produce foam using indoor air. Internal
Using ambient air provides an additional contribution to the quenching process. Ambient heat, smoke and so on. Harmful effects are imprisoned into the foam. Since it uses the ambient air which is heated as a result of combustion, it captures the heat required for the continuation of combustion and the Oxygen present in the environment into the foam. It lowers the oxygen level and ambient temperature in the environment.  

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