Foam Extinguishing Uses

Foam Extinguishing Uses

Since the day it was founded, AKSAY has been designing, supplying and installing foam extinguishing systems especially in the petrochemical sector where fast combustibles are used.

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• Chemical Factories
• Solvent and Hydrocarbon Storage Areas
• Paint Production and Storage Areas
• Solid Material Warehouses
• Shelf Storage Areas
• Generator and Engine Test Rooms
• Cable and Installation Galleries
• Energy Production Areas
• Generator Rooms
• Aircraft Hangars
• Helicopter Hangars
• Ship Engine Rooms and Cargo Areas
• Boiler Rooms
• Steam Suppression in Flammable, Flammable Environments
• Industrial Applications

Product range

• Mobile foam applicators
• Fixed foam applicators
• Mobile foam proportioners
• Line type foam proportioners
• Fixed ceiling tank foam cells
• Floating Roof Tank Foam Cells
• Semi-Surface Foam Injection Units
• Sub-surface foam injection units
• Horizontal and Vertical Bladder Tanks
• Bladder tank type proportioners
• Hydraulic Concentration Valves
• Foam Pumps
• Pump Type Proportioners
• High Expansion Foam Generators
• Mobile Foam Generators
• Foam Nozzles
• Water and Foam Monitors
• Monitors for Mobile Use
• Fixed Type Monitors
• Self-oscillating monitors
• Hydraulic Control Monitors
• Remote Controlled Monitors

Contact Information

Adress: Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok Kat:11 No: 1829 Okmeydanı / İst.

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