Firemiks Foam Dosing Pumps

Firemiks Foam Dosing Pumps

Foam systems are used to inject foam into the water. It does not require an external energy source. Water entering the turbine turns the turbine to exit. The rotating turbine shaft also drives the foam pump by means of the coupling connected to the shaft. The running pump takes the foam concentrate and injects it to the outlet of the turbine. No water loss.

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Since the water motor (1) and the foam pump (2) are directly connected to each other by coupling, the system operates proportionally. If the water motor is up to the flow of water passing through it, the more the water motor turns and the more foam is pumped. The slower the water motor rotates, the less foam is pumped in the same proportion. So the system works proportionally.

As required by NFPA 11, the essential feature required by hydraulic turbine foam pumps for a 3% mixing ratio is 3l. 0.09l against water. requires the injection of foam concentrate.

FIREMIKS provides this capacity 100%. The higher the number of blades of the hydraulic turbine engine operating the foam pump, the more accurate and continuous the proportioning is. FIREMIKS 40-10.000l / min. product range with variable capacities.

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