Foam Extinguishing Systems

kopuklu sondurme sistemleri


Foam Extinguishing Systems

We are experiencing the speed of development in science and technology in production and production. Especially in the chemical industry, almost every day a new compound continues to be a part of our lives with associated risks. This necessitates the creation of special solutions for chemicals which can be quenched with water or cannot be quenched with water.

This type of flammable liquids which cannot be extinguished with water carries a high risk of fire. We can eliminate risks with suitably designed foam extinguishing systems where such liquids are retained, used in production or stored. For this purpose, for the correct analysis and solution of the danger;

-Determination of Design Standard
-Determination of Flammable Fluid Class Stored / Used
-Selection of the appropriate extinguishing system
-Design Density and Determination of Working Area
-Minimum Pressure for Application Heads
-Determination of Ratio System
-Application Time Determination
-Determination of Foam Type and Quantity

In order to use the basic and mandatory parameters correctly, the system must demonstrate effective and necessary performance. Foam Extinguishing Systems can be used effectively in Class B flammable and combustible liquid fires as well as Class A solid fires.

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