Fire Detection Systems Detectomat

Fire Detection Systems Detectomat

Fire detection and alarm systems are becoming increasingly common.
In particular, the public and the European Union harmonization laws and Turkey's entry into force of Directive Fire Protection is expanding the application areas of both the private sector in the fire alarm system.

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The most important and distinguishing feature of the fire detection and alarm system you will have in order to ensure your life and property safety against fire is that it can give accurate and early warning.

The main function of fire detection and alarm systems is to ensure that the fire source is found in a short time. Failure to correctly select the type of projection or detection element made without taking time into consideration in the determination of the source of fire will result in the system not performing its main function completely. In addition, failure to select the sensor type according to the ambient conditions will cause false alarms and eliminate the reliability of the system.

Nowadays, systems based on modern technology, which can detect multiple signs of fire and have algorithms to evaluate this information according to different site and environmental conditions, have become possible without false alarms, fast fire detection and warning.

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