Cable Type Lineer Detection Systems

Cable Type Lineer Detection Systems

Lineer heat detectors are widely used
Designed for use where fire detection systems at the current location cannot be applied due to ambient conditions. Lineer detectors are manufactured at different sensing temperatures (68 ° C, 88 ° C, 105 ° C, 185 ° C) and are selected and applied according to the basic requirements of the site to be protected against fire. Lineer heat detectors 68 - 105 - 185 ºC chemical and physical wear resistant options are available.

Kablo Tipi Lineer Algilama Sistemleri 1
Kablo Tipi Lineer Algilama Sistemleri 2
Kablo Tipi Lineer Algilama Sistemleri 5
Kablo Tipi Lineer Algilama Sistemleri 3
Kablo Tipi Lineer Algilama Sistemleri 4

Key Features

• Bundled Cable and Detector
• An alternative product with different alarm temperatures
• Temperature alarm tolerance = +/- 4 ????C
• The Detector Interface unit displays the full area of ​​the alarm.
• Alarm time up to 8 (eight) seconds - UL 1581/1090
• Temperature alarm; does not change due to cable length, ambient temperature and other adverse reasons
• Maximum cable sensor for Detector Interface Unit 2000 meters
• Can be used with conventional or addressable fixation panels
• Ergonomic and economical solution for hazardous locations
• Ease of application due to the flexibility of the detector
• Low cost installation in ex-proof areas

Usage areas

• Underground Cable Galleries
• Cable channels
• Closed Mines
• Metro Tunnels
• Road Tunnels
• Conveyors
• Escalator
• Historical buildings
• Cooling towers
• Electrical panel interior
• Transformers
• Chemical Tanks
• Aircraft Hangars
• Tunnels
• Places with continuous air flow
• Petrochemical Plants
• Fuel filling facilities
• Ex-proof - Dusty and dirty environments


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